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Septic Tank Services

Septic Tank Services

New Life II Septic & Rent-A-Jon is happy to announce that we are now fully licensed to pump septic tanks for both our residential and commercial customers. We can locate, dig up, and pump your septic tank the same day you call at an affordable price. We are a family-owned and operated business and we understand that the cost of living is high enough without the added stresses of home repairs and maintenance. We pride ourselves on knowledge and dependability, while respecting the environment and the customers we serve. If you have any questions about our services or prices, please feel free to call us. As always, we appreciate your business.
We are now certified to perform septic tank installations!
Septic Tank Installation Facts
Septic systems are an important part of your home or building and should be treated as such.  A common misconception by homeowners who have septic systems is that they will maintain themselves. Septic systems are in a way, the digestive system of your home. If it is not maintained regularly, things will stop functionong properly and major problems can occur such as ; sewage backing up in your home, raw sewage leaks in your yard and most importantly lack of the ability to use water in your home. If these problems occur at your home, you can call us and trust that we will guide you through the steps of resolving the problem. From contacting your local health dept. to lining up a landscaper after the work is done, we will help you through the process.
Professional Associations & Certifications:
North Carolina Septic Tank Association (NCSTA)
North Carolina Onsite Wastewater Contractor Inspector Certification Board (NCOWCICB)
Installer # 4951 & #4952
NCHUB certified

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